Installation guide


dCGP is a header-only library which has the following third party dependencies:

After making sure the dependencies above are installed in your system, you may download the latest dCGP version via git:

git clone

and configure your build using CMake. When done, type (in your build directory):

make install

The headers will be installed in the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/include directory. To check that all went well compile the quick-start example.


The main functionalities of dCGP are exposed into a Python module called dcgpy. It can be installed either directly from pip or by building the module.

Installing with pip

On a Win 64bit system or a Linux based system (32 or 64 bits), the Python package dcgpy (Python binding of the C++ code) can be installed using pip:

pip install dcgpy

Building the python module

To build the module you need to have the Boost Python libraries installed and to activate the BUILD_DCGPY option from within CMake (and deselect BUILD_DCGP)

Check carefully what Python version is detected and what libraries are linked to. In particular select the correct boost_python according to the Python version (2 or 3) you want to compile the module for.

The CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX will be used to construct the final location of headers and Python module after install.

When done, type (in your build directory):

make install

To check that all went well fire-up your Python console and try the example in quick-start example.